Google Talk with personalization

If you use Google Talk a lot, you may sometimes get a little bored by the simple graphical interface of the program. If this is your case, great news for you: Google has revamped the interface of Google Talk, adding much more features such as new themes, background pictures, and etc.

According to their announcement:

"Today we're launching a new version of Google Talk with fun personalization features: Pictures and Chat Themes. Pictures. Now you can set your own picture and see your friends' pictures, right from your friends list. It's easy to use: simply click on your picture to select a new picture. In addition you can see the pictures in chat notifications, optional friend online notifications, and new Profile Cards that show up over your friends list. We think pictures are a big visual improvement to Google Talk, and we hope you like them as much as we do. Chat Themes. Customize the look of your chat conversations by choosing from a number of built-in themes. Just select your theme from Settings->Appearances... "

Link: via Google talkabout.

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