Google Finance Tools

If you are interested in finance and investment, Google finance has a super web site that can be used to get all information you need about financial investments, especially stocks.

The web site,, has a search interface similar to the well known Google search. With the search box you can find any stock that is currently traded in the US.

One advantage of the search feature in Google finance is that it has autocompletion. For example, suppose you want to find the price of Apple stock, but doesn't remember the symbol (also known as ticker). A simple way of solving this is typing the name of the company (Apple), and Google finance will automatically fill in the ticker.

Google finance also has lots of information about stocks: a summary of the activity of the company, the latest results for the previous quarters, blog discussions, and much more.

The main reason I like to use Google finance is the smart charts: using AJAX, you can visualize prices for any time period. This makes it easy to analyze the past valuation of a company and use this information in your research of stocks.


Jim Tan said...

I was wondering if i can plugin the google finance tool into my website.

Carlos said...

@Jim: yes, you can add a Google finance plug in to any site. A good place to start looking is Google gadgets.

chansara said...

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