See the Space with Google Earth

Google earth has brought new ways to view the planet: for the first time, it made it very easy to visit any location in the planet from our desktop. Now, Google is trying to do the same for the sky. The new version of Google earth will have the capability to show the space, in addition the traditional satellite views of the Earth.

A new module of Google Earth allows users to switch from Earth view to Sky view. This allows anyone to explore the sky using some of the well known tools in Google earth. For example, one can take a close up of specific regions of the sky. Constellations can be presented in a way that is easy to identify.

It is difficult to say that the sky view will be so important as the technology for geographical information. However, this new feature may be very interesting for educational purposes, so it will be of great interests in schools. And, of course, the amateur and even professional astronomers will be delighted.

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