Google Android: a platform for new mobile applications

If you think about existing application for mobile devices, and how they are different in look and feel, you will soon discover that this is an area which is far from a standardized. Each cell phone or PDA in the market is using a different, and many times incompatible, operating system and applications.

Although this could be good for manufactures in some sense (for example, by locking applications to a specific platform), it is bad for users that have to adjust to different applications when changing devices. Doing such a change is not nearly as easy as withPCs, where you can always use the same operating system (windows or linux) in any computer.

To change this trend, Google introduced the android platform for mobile computing. Their goal is to allow the creation of applications that will run unchanged on any participating device. In order to do this, Google has made available a complete software solution, which includes a Linux-based kernel, libraries, and graphical utilities.

If you have interest in mobile applications, you should certainly consider android. It is a clean platform, and given the power of Google, it will probably be available in many devices in the near future.

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