Google Labs Expanded

Google has a large number of employees that are always creating new technologies. While there are the already stablished services from the company, such as Gmail, search, and youtube, there is always something new and cool that Google is working on.

To give more prominence to this work, Google is doing a revamp of its Google labs. The web site existed for a long time, and it was a kind of incubator for cool projects that Google had not commited to for completely.

Total Revamp

The revamped Google Labs website is now a much larger directory of technologies that will be available from the company. Most of them are targeted a developers, and provide application programming interfaces (API) for existing services, such as Gmail and Photo search.

There are also innovations targeted at end users. For example, take the new search me
service that was released yesterday. It is now much easier to find such gems of technology, since the search and categorization functions have been greatly improved.

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