Google is killing another service: Publishing Payments

Google has decided to reduce the noise and improve the quality of their services. So, in the wave of changes to many of the provided services, another victim has emerged last week – the service that provides payments to online publishing has vanished.

It is a new fatality of the reorganization promoted by the new CEO Larry Page. The goal for Google is to improve the existing products and remove the ones that are not so widely used and that are not generating revenue for Google.

In a statement, here is what Larry said

       "Over the last six months we've done a lot of spring cleaning--although it's all happened out of season,"
Spring cleaning is exactly what it seems to be happening here. Other services have also suffered the same fate of the payment platform. For example, Google talk free voice is also part of the past, when it was removed from the main offerings by Google.

A lot of changes have been seen in the last few months in the level of support for money-losing projects. It seems like they are removing services at the same speed in which they were introduced  years ago. We hope that these changes will contribute to the quality of the remaining projects, so that Google will not look like it is forever in beta.

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