Android has Almost 1 Billions Users

Android has been very successful for Google. But not even the optimists could preview how quickly it would grow from just a few users into what it is today.

It has been great to see, then, that the number of activations of Android phones is approaching the 1 Billion. That is, near one billions devices have been activated in several parts of the world, what makes Android the most popular mobile operating system in use.

According to informationWeek:

The 1.3 million daily activations is a number that cannot be ignored. There are 111 days left in 2012 (as of this writing). That means Google is on track to sell about 145 million more Android devices by the end of the year, which it will close out with 645 million total devices.
This is an astounding number, since 1.3 million people enter in contact with a technology that is dominating the mobile market. It represents a huge opportunity for developers around the world.

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