Google and Opera in real cooperation

Some time ago, it was reported that Google and Opera were in talks, and that this would may end up by having Google to buy Opera software. Well, this didn't become reallity, but now it appears what may be the true reason for the talks between the two companies.

According to Reuters, Opera announced that Google is becoming the prefered partner for development of embeded versions of their browser.

Opera is a well known company in the desktop market, but much of their success is credited to the mobile platforms. Opera has a lean browser engine that can be run more easily on an embedded environment that competitor offers. This translated in a good position for Opera in the embedded market.

Now, Google wants to make sure it has a good foothold on mobile services, and it has proved this with several services for mobile phones, including a mobile Gmail service. It is natural that Google want wants to improve interoperability of their services with the software running on such devices.

This is another sign that shows Google moving strongly to mobile services. It seams that as mobile devices become more available, Google will be in a right position to become a dominating force there too.

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