Google founders investing in Hollywood

After becoming the most successful men in Silicon Valley, Sergey Brin and Larry Page are with sights on personal investment in Hollywood movies. According to SF gate, the "entertainment-savvy co-founders of Google will invest in an independent film, shot in San Francisco".

The movie will be the first production of Larry and Sergey, but also for their friend Reid Gershbein. Gershbein was a friend in the computer science department of Starford, and has been working for several years in the movie industry, in companies such as Pixar and Dream Works.

The project will be 50% funded with personal money from the Google's founders. They are slowly using their fortunes to invest in several areas that are not directly related to Google's main business. This time they are starting with an investment in a small budget film, which can most certainly become successful due to the free publicity from the media.

We are starting to see how the Google's founders are diversifying their investments. If we can judge for their actions in other areas, we can expect to see many investments in distinct areas, with high potential for future gains. When such great entrepreneurs are acting, it is always smart to see carefully what they will do next.

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