Google in a Software Deal with Dell

A new story about the collaboration of Google with PC manufacturers has been started by an article in the Wall Street Journal. Dell has confirmed the story saying that they are testing the Google package as part of their installed software. They also said that this could potentially result in the addition of a Google/Dell starting page, which would be accessed by Dell computers.

The conditions of such a deal have not been confirmed, but it is clear that this would be another major blow to Microsoft - after the loss in the AOL negotiations last year. Dell has been a close ally of Microsoft during many years, refusing for example to sell Linux machines to the larger public (despite the fact that they sell servers with Linux pre-installed).

The fact that Dell is now at least admitting working with the Microsoft enemy shows that Google is establishing a good negotiation channel with PC manufacturers. This would be decisive for Google if they plan to offer more software for PC, as is widely speculated. This is certainly a very good sign for Google.


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