Google integrates Gtalk to Gmail


Google talk has been introduced by Google last year as a new way of doing instant messaging. While it has not been so different from other applications from Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL, Google is planning to make a complete new move with Gtalk: integrate it with the popular gmail service.
Google announced today that it will be integrating functions of Gtalk with gmail, which would effectively become a unique application. The goal is to increase the capability of gmail beyond the helm of email. At the same time, the new functionality would add new users to the new Gtalk service.

It seems that an integration like this would be beneficial for gmail users. Although it is not clear how the integration will be, it looks like Google will expand on the idea of "conversation" that is used in Gmail is a metaphor for the exchange of message.

In my case, such feature would be a blessing: I have having to run a separate program for IM. Now with gmail integration I feel that I will have more opportunities to collaborate and talk with people without worrying about the software being used.

The new feature is suppose to be launched Tomorrow, so let us hope Google is doing the right thing again...

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