Google tries to improve its PR

The events for Google in the last two weeks have not been very favorable. First, they had the subpoena from the department of justice, which for the first time made Google face legal trouble. Then, there was the launching of the Chinese site, with all the controversy surrounding the support for censure in China.

Third, there was the announcement of fourth quarter earnings, which although impressive, failed to beat the Wall street expectations. This made the Google stock tumble for at least 10% in the subsequent days.

Now, Google is trying to improve its PR in order to avoid some of these problems. Some of the pieces published in the Google blog show the effort -- although it is not clear if this is a coordinated effort or not.

Among the recent seemingly PR efforts are:

Nobody knows if these public actions will help change the recent mood about Google, but it shows that they are doing good moves, keeping with the "don't be evil" moto.

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