Google creating a new finance website

Google is expanding again the amount of content available from their website. This time, they are adding financial information to its list of offers, with the

Along the lines of yahoo, the objective of the finance website is to provide information, news stories, quotes, and general data related to finances, stocks, the financial market in general.

One of the nice features of google finance is the new plots of stock quotes. Along the lines of Google maps, the online stock quotes can be moved, stretched, zoomed using a nice web 2.0 interface. This makes it much easier to check the values of stock quotes ranging from a few hour time to multiple year, with just a click of the mouse.

it appears that Google is using their approach for web sites to this financial service: clean pages, lots of useful information, and great automation with web 2.0 features. It is still early to say, but it seems that google finance will draw a large crowd that needs good financial information really fast.

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